The Little Courtyards of Puglia

One of my very favorite things to see in the little villages of Puglia are the tenderly cared for porches and courtyards of the local residents. Freshly swept and colorful, they speak volumes about the people who live there. In the photo above, a lush garden cultivated in pots line the stairways and add a sense of privacy to seating areas. The welcoming effect always causes me to stop as I’m passing by and observe. It’s not unusual for the lady of the house to come out and greet me with a warm smile and a hug. She is as tidy and impeccably dressed as her little courtyard. She is proud of her home and I heartily express my enthusiasm for her lovely garden.

Isn’t this lady of the house lovely? We couldn’t communicate much but I felt the love through her warm smile and sweet countenance. I’ve since tucked this away as one of my fondest memories.

Have you had a similar experience in Italy or anywhere else? Please feel free to share your memories…