I Met a Craftsman of Olive Wood in Ostuni, Puglia

Ostuni, the
The alleyways of Ostuni, the “white city” of Puglia

The winding shady alleyways provided a much appreciated escape from the afternoon heat as I explored the pearly white city of Ostuni in Puglia. Only 8 km from the Adriatic coast, it sits on three hills near the top of the heel of the boot which is Italy. It is surrounded by vibrant olive and grape agribusinesses.

Very few people are about as I passed doors, windows and balconies. Soon I noticed an elderly man standing in his shop doorway. I smiled and observed that he wanted to talk. On the door the translated message read, “The Cucchiara Crafts in Olive Wood.”

He walked back inside and returned with a wooden spoon. Upon closer inspection I recognized the quality of craftmanship used in creating it. He was very proud of his handiwork and invited me in.


Giuseppe spoke no English while he explained his work of creating cooking utensils out of olive wood. His tools were lined up on the wall above a box of wooden spoons he brought out to show me.

IMG_2061His room was simple and clean. An empty birdcage is all that decorated this small window.


I left with a warm appreciation for this man who obviously put all he had into making these sturdy kitchen utensils. He shows such pride and joy in his creations. He has every reason to be.

Giuseppe’s shop is on Via Catterdale and is called “La Cucchiara Artigianali”. Please do stop for a visit if you find yourself in Ostuni.