A Chance Encounter with Lilt in Rome


While walking the streets of Rome, I’ve been fascinated by unexpected sights or events encountered while turning a corner. Sometimes it’s an architectural feature that takes my breath away, or a talented street performer. There is always something that catches my attention.


As I was walking from Via Corso to the Pantheon, I passed an event that was hosted by Lilt (LILT – Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori), the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer. The hum of a large crowd of people and news reporters crowded outside of a door of the Borsa Valoridi Roma, Rome’s stock exchange (built among the remains of Hadrian’s Temple), as people exited. Evidently it was the finish of a LILT event inside. As a bystander in the crowd, I observed the activity and took some photos when I could find a space next to the reporters. Afterwards, I was eager to learn more about LILT, so I did a little online research.

LILT‘s mission is, to quote from their website, “to fight cancer by promoting cancer prevention through awareness campaigns, educational programs for schools and early diagnosis programs. We provide free counseling to cancer patients and their families and free support in dealing with bureaucratic and legal issues.”

LILT is a nationwide charity that is headquartered in Rome and operates under the support of the President of the Republic and the supervision of the Ministry of Health. It also collaborates with institutions of oncology with an emphasis on the early diagnosis of cancer.

Below are two men, porbably speakers, from the group who were singled out by the news team and photographed in front of the LILT banner.


Pink seemed to dominate the scene as these group of ladies for breast cancer awareness huddled around a cute little car and posed for photos.


LILT run campaigns consist of National Cancer Prevention Week, World No Tobacco Day,White Night of Prevention, Pink Ribbon Campaign, and World Cancer Day. LILT consists of staff, doctors, and volunteers who are intent on doing battle against the ravages of cancer. I was not only enlightened, but encouraged and inspired by this chance meeting of people on the cutting edge of the battle to eliminating cancer.

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