Let Marilyn (Take Me Home Italy) Plan Your Italian Vacation with Expertise

Today I’m excited to introduce to you a dear Italian (100%) friend of mine, Marilyn Ricci. We met several months ago in my hometown over a cup of coffee (Marilyn) and vino (me) at the local Starbucks. As someone who loves Italy the same way she does, we hit it off immediately. I can honestly say that Marilyn is now an Italian soul sister. She really knows her Italian heritage and country like very few people do.

susan and me

Marilyn operates her own business, TAKE ME HOME ITALY, where she plans ideal itineraries, brainstorms ideas, and makes it her quest to ensure that you have a fabulous time when you plan a trip to Italy. Marilyn has impressed me with her vast knowledge of Italy, the regions, and the inside track…most everything that you need to know to have the best experience.

So, with no further ado, I’ll let Marilyn take the stage.

You need to work with an Italian

First of all, thank you to Susan Nelson of Timeless Italy for allowing me to guest post for her followers.  Susan is a great writer and wonderful person. Grazie mille.

Mi chiamo Marilyn Ricci di TAKE ME HOME ITALY. Sono 100% italiana e ho viaggiato tanti in italia.  My name is Marilyn Ricci of TAKE ME HOME ITALY. I am 100% Italian and I have traveled in Italy many times. I love Italy and the people of the country so much that I actually became legally an Italian dual citizen.  



Both sides of my parents are completely Italian but they are Americans.  Both of my grandfathers and Great-Grandparents came to the United States around 1900.

Marilyn Ricci 1

That doesn’t really explain why I believe you need to work with an Italian.  Let me explain. TAKE ME HOME ITALY  is a business I founded to provide custom travel in Italy.  My goal is for you to have the adventure you seek in that fascinating country that I adore.

Marilyn Ricci 2

Millions of people travel to Italy every year.  It is a top destination worldwide. Everybody loves Italians.  They love the Italian food and Vino they have tasted in the USA! Some people enjoy days at an archeological dig while others want to fashion shop in Milan and Florence. And then there is ALL THAT ART!  Did you know that approximately ½ of the world’s art is in Italy?

Most people really are not sure what to expect from such a vacation. So they look at tours that advertise everywhere. Tours are an option. You will most likely hit the major cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. You may have a side trip or two where you see a small town or go wine tasting in Tuscany.  And you will do all of this with 50 strangers in an air-conditioned bus and accomplish this feat in 10 to 14 days, maybe less. Maybe that is not what you are looking for.

There are some great, small group tours. I have heard wonderful things about Victoria De Maio’s PostcardZ from Victoria’s groups in Puglia and also in the Italian Riviera (And Victoria is Italian!). If you are interested in those areas I would contact her. However, they don’t run all year and, if this is your first trip and you want to see Venice, you either have to do it a different way or tack on extra destinations before or after her group. Take Me Home Italy can help you with that.

Marilyn Ricci 3

Here is why I think you need to work with an Italian, preferably me:

  • While you were teething on teething biscuits, Italian Mammas gave my siblings and me the crusts of Italian bread for teething.
  • We grew up with Italians from La Bel Paese, the beautiful Old Country. We heard stories of the small towns, the people, the traditions and the small towns.Marilyn Ricci4
  • Spaghetti and Sauce (or Ragu’) were mainstays in our home.
  • We made polpette (meatballs) and homemade pasta with our hands instead of playing with playdoh.
  • We heard Italian spoken from the day we are born. We understand the beauty of the language as well as many words and phrases that have helped shape our lives.
  • Mario Lanza, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Perry Como were playing on the Television or Radio unless there was an Italian Opera on. We danced to the music from the time we were toddlers and tried to sing along with the Opera stars.
  • We grew up playing Bocce. We get it.
    Marilyn 6
  • We have family living in Italy who can assist us in gaining information about places you want to see, that is, if we haven’t already been there.Marilyn Ricci 7
  • We will hug you when we meet you and offer you food. That is how we roll. Singing isn’t out of the question either!
  • We are a passionate people. We enjoy life to the fullest and live in the moment whenever possible. We want you to experience that passion and find that piece of Italian soul for yourselves. We will listen to your needs and shape your experience to accomplish this goal.
  • The Italian culture is quite complicated. Each region is different, has differing influences but all the same fascination and beauty.  From the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, the Renaissance and Mussolini, Italians are a dichotomy. We understand them. Our family growing up was a microcosm of all that history wrapped up in some biscotti.

Marilyn Ricci 8

When you are ready to find that dream vacation in Italy, that dream that is yours alone, let Take Me Home Italy help you.  It will be easy. It will be fun. We can listen to Pavorotti or Tiziano Ferro together, eat a meal and laugh together while we find the best fit your money can buy. I will be here to help you. It will be an adventure!

For more information check us out on the web at: www.takemehomeitaly.com

Or on Facebook at: www.Facebook.com/takemehomeitaly

Or on Twitter at: @takemehomeitaly

Ci vediamo presto!  See you soon!