Nonna, Italy’s Pride and Joy

Nicola's nonna makes a mean tiella!

Photo credit Nicola Tarallo ~

A Nonna (Italian grandma) attracts attention wherever she is. People love to flock around her like bees to a hive. The reason? They can cook the most delicious meals like no one else. Not only that, but a nonna is cute, with her stylish hair, sensible shoes and knowing smile. Clad in an apron most of the time, you can usually find her in the kitchen whipping up ample meals at all hours of the day. Her family is her number one priority and everything is done with unconditional love. Feeling down and need a confidant? Nonna will keep your secrets and she won’t even judge you. A nonna is her family’s pride and joy.

Just recently I was delighted to discover a product on the market called Nonna Box. This piqued my interest immediately because of my great respect for these little Italian grandmas typically armed with wooden spoons.Nonna Box


A Nonna Box was shipped to my address from the founder, Guido Pedrelli. A native of Cesena, an eastern Italian coastal village, Guido included a personal welcome and introduction card to the Piemonte region inside the neatly packed interior. Insulated in paper shavings, I found ingredients from Piemonte in northern Italy. Included was: a bag of Lucedio Carnaroli rice grown on the flood plains surrounding an 800 year old farm, large slices of Dried Porchini Mushrooms, Dandelion Honey from Parco del Po, Elderflower fizzy soda from Torino, Moscato Wine Cream from La Morra, and thin crispy corn cookies. Each item is featured on an enclosed card that describes the culinary tradition, what it is, and how the Italians use it today in their cuisine.


Guido’s┬ánonna ran a trattoria in San Carlo di Cesena, in the Romagna Region of Italy. He recalls her strong hands as she prepared each meal in the kitchen. A favorite was her home-made tagliatelle with always-ready traditional Ragu alla Bolognese bubbling away in a big pot. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

These memorable meals from his childhood inspired Guido to create Nonna Box, a monthly box of traditional regional Italian food complete with a featured nonna’s recipes. It is a compilation of shared stories, recipes and cooking secrets known only by the nonna. Each month features a different region in Italy. Guido’s mission is to bring people closer to the culinary history and traditions of each chosen region. As a result, the Nonna Box offers an exciting and delicious selection of authentic, hard to find Italian products that highlight one of Italy’s 20 regions.



Wouldn’t we all love to have our own personal nonnas teach us the secrets of delicious Italian meals? I know I would. However, this may be impossible for most of us. The next best thing for me is to enjoy a box from nonna delivered right to my door once a month. Not only do I enjoy the educational aspects of learning about each featured region of Italy, but I especially love the six regional food items enclosed.

What better way to travel Italy via your kitchen and taste one region at a time inspired by those timeless recipe’s of the nonna.

( This is not a paid advertisement and simply my own opinion)