Italy Magazine Blogger Award Results for 2013…Thoughts from Timeless Italy

Lake Como Sunset
Lake Como Sunset

” Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have good news! The Italy Magazine Blogger Award winners for 2013 have just been posted. I did not win in my category, Art and Culture of Italy, but I am so honored to have been chosen as a candidate. Please take a few minutes to click on the link below and view these winning blogs. They are each a wonderful inspiration and tribute to Italy, and I’m pleased to introduce them to you.

italy magazine blogger awards

There is a saying that says ,“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” When I first set foot in Italy twelve years ago I never suspected I would come home bursting with passion. My office walls have since become a gallery of scattered photos, books about Italy line my shelves and I set my computer screen saver on a continuous slide show. Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan…..I watch them flash before my eyes.

After my first trip in 2002, I returned in four months on my own to experience Italy the way I wanted to. I craved intimacy, knowledge and an understanding of this beautiful soul-stirring country. Antiquity called out to me, the saints followed me, and the sunsets captivated me. When I came home, I knew I would be back….again and again.

My blog, Timeless Italy, is the result of the many experiences that have fed my soul. My hope is that it will feed your soul as well and fire up your imagination. I started my blog a year ago and have enjoyed reliving these wonderful memories and sharing them with all of you. It has been one of the best years of my life.

My goal for this coming year is to continue to illuminate the beauty of Italy. I’m excited to share with you my upcoming posts from my recent trip this last September as well as let you in on a little secret. Yes, I have started a book! But more on that later.

My discoveries have confirmed what I knew all along, that Italy is a land of poetry, artistry, romance and love.

Let me take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your encouragement and support throughout this past year. I have made wonderful friends and learned many new things through our correspondences, and I will always cherish that. You truly are the wind beneath my wings!