Castles of the Italian Countryside

During my stay in Padova, a college town known for Giotto’s frescoed chapel and the majestic St. Anthony’s Basilica, I took a day and drove out through the surrounding countryside to the south. I explored several small communities, most of them with a castle at the center of town. I had so much fun snapping shots of a few of them. Their astounding size and impenetrable walls are so impressive. The few I saw were built in the 1300 – 1500’s.

These castles are in very good shape. Bricks were mortared together to create huge walls and arches. Some large blocks were used as well in the building. Many small narrow windows are spaced around the upper structure that were used by archers to shoot arrows. Moats that once encircled the castle with water are now green with lush grass.

Wandering through them brought visions of another time when life was so different from today, and every town needed the protection of a castle to survive.

I hope you enjoy the following photos taken just a few days ago of the castle fortresses of the Padova countryside.