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I Love Italy!! My fondness for this country deepens each time I visit. Maybe I did walk this land in another life, who knows? It sure feels like home every time I return. I’ve been traveling to Italy for fifteen years now and somehow the experience is always unique. My heart still skips a beat whenever I stand in front of the colosseum or wander the ancient forum in Rome. AtΒ apperitivo time, you will find me tucked away in some little piazza, sipping a delicious local wine and watching the locals living life. From the beaches to the mountains, Italy is made up of incredible beauty and a people that hold dearly timeless traditions and a deep love for their land.

Here, you will find everything from touring fabulous wineries to exploring the southern whitewashed villages of Puglia. Meet the people and discover the secrets that make their culture so popular. Take a look around and enjoy the many pleasures of Italy.

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