Swim with Lord Byron in the Bay of Poets

“I’m glad I am a woman who once danced naked in the Mediterranean Sea at midnight.”                                                     -Mercedes McCambridge Did you know that English poet Lord Byron swam across the bay … Read more Swim with Lord Byron in the Bay of Poets

The Gulf of Poets ~ An Artist’s Muse

  The Golfo dei Poeti, or the Gulf of Poets, is the literary nickname for the Gulf of La Spezia that lies on the Ligurian Riviera just south of the Cinque Terre. The area has long attracted artists and writers, many of them well-known such as Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence, George Sands, … Read more The Gulf of Poets ~ An Artist’s Muse

Portovenere’s Cliffside Treasures

My road trip along the Ligurian coastline  brought me to Portovenere, where I explored its remarkable landmarks overlooking the sea. Panoramic vistas bordered by turquoise waters gave an exotic backdrop to this cliff-side paradise. Portovenere was a place where I longed to linger. An old archway into the village began my walk through the medieval streets lined with … Read more Portovenere’s Cliffside Treasures

A Renaissance Castle Garden in Italy

 Step into the magical medieval world of Carrera Castle in the village of Este. Born at the height of invading war lords and princes during the 13th century, its tall crenelated fortress walls stand stalwart even to this day. Once the “capital” of ancient Venetians, it is now an elegant garden of tranquil beauty. Situated … Read more A Renaissance Castle Garden in Italy

Italy’s Historical Cafe Pedrocchi

Appearing more like a palace than a coffeehouse, the historical Cafe Pedrocchi of Padua has entertained famous literary and political figures since its founding in 1831. Because it was also the largest cafe in Europe, Cafe Pedrocchi became a quick sensation. Coffee consumption by the bourgeoisie of Europe grew very popular during the 18th century. … Read more Italy’s Historical Cafe Pedrocchi