Castles of the Italian Countryside

During my stay in Padova, a college town known for Giotto’s frescoed chapel and the majestic St. Anthony’s Basilica, I took a day and drove out through the surrounding countryside to the south. I explored several small communities, most of them with a castle at the center of town. I had so much fun snapping … Read more Castles of the Italian Countryside

Hot Springs and Castles Among the Vineyards

“I have built me a house, small, but pleasant and decent, in the midst of slopes clothed with vines and olives,” Petrarch A volcanic range that dips and swells, spotted with medieval castles and sprawling vineyards, olive groves and ancient abbey’s among the towns of the Veneto plain are known as the Euganean Hills. Named … Read more Hot Springs and Castles Among the Vineyards

Vineyards and Castles on Horseback

” ‘Andiamo,’ let’s go, the sound comes out at a gallop.” ¬†Frances Mayes Imagine riding horses under cypress shadows that fall in wide bands across a sunlit pathway that meander over the hillsides of Tuscany. Endless blue skies blown clean of clouds frame medieval villages and vineyards. Birdsong and breezes gently caress your senses and … Read more Vineyards and Castles on Horseback

Il Poderaccio, a Tuscan Agriturismo with a View

The panoramic views of the Tuscan hills drenched in golden sunlight greeted us as we passed through the iron gate and down the long driveway of La Fattoria Il Poderaccio. Horses, long-legged and sleek, grazed in the pasture as two young foals frolicked nearby. One of the farm dogs greeted us with friendly eyes and … Read more Il Poderaccio, a Tuscan Agriturismo with a View