Photo of the Day ~ The Old Olive Mill

View of the Lepini mountains from an old olive mill on the farm

Memories…inspired by a photo from a distant moment in time. It was here that I had the good pleasure of a visit to the Orsini olive farm located in Priverno, 70 miles south of Rome in the Lepini mountain region some years ago. The old olive mill stands timeless against the mountain range and gives no hint of past or present. Weathered wood and peeling stucco front the mill, betraying the youth of a former age. Although the olive harvest happens every autumn around the old building, the ancient stone and timber seem to be content to watch over the gathering yet once more. Who knows how many decades the old mill will continue to stand as the rhythm of the seasons continue year after year. What I wouldn’t give to hear the whispered secrets of the hoary old walls and windows from a centuries-old lifetime.

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