A Peak at Marina di Portofino

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The small, elegant harbor of Portofino in Liguria has long been a haven for the rich and famous. Sapphire colored waters rimmed by pastel-painted buildings makes this fishing village and holiday resort magnetic. Known during the early Roman era as Portus Dolphini, attributed to the many dolphins on the coast during that time, Portofino has been a sought-after playground for centuries. Steven Spielberg, Chris Martin, Rihanna, Kate Moss, and Russian billionaire Andry Melnichenko, among others, have often been spotted relaxing on their yachts or enjoying the small town ambiance.

The Marina di Portofino is the Italian Riviera’s elite yachting capital, with only 14 berths along Molo Umberto I, the main quay, for pleasure boats and yachts. This serves to maximize the privacy and exclusivity of the marina. Prized for luxury yachting, moorage for the night during peak season runs upward to a mere $2,912.00 for super- yachts. During the summer months, the marina is very crowded and boat traffic can be a bit challenging. Many boats anchor outside of the harbor and those on board tendered into the marina.

There is only one road that leads into and out of Portofino if you are driving, but it’s worth the time and patience to visit this exquisite little harbor. Do be aware that prices run very high for most anything, so you may just want to enjoy a coffee as you stroll the walkway around the harbor.

8 thoughts on “A Peak at Marina di Portofino

  • Hi Susan—long story short…my husband is selling out his small family-owned business after 50 years of working it.
    He’s always wanted to see the D-Day memorials—so what started out as just Paris and Normandy—is now including Zurich with friends…then down to Lugano, Florence, and yes Rome—then home. Despite not but three days in both Florence and Rome—I am just so excited to share Italy with him—albeit the more touristy parts…but I need to start someplace!!

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      • It will be the first time I’ve gotten him to Europe. He’s reluctant but his bucket list has been D-Day.
        We’ll fly out mid September and a long time freind of his who lives in Florida but is origianlly from Switzerland, will be home near Zurich at that time visiting family.
        He and his wife will come met up with us in Paris and go with us to Normandy. I figured we’d head back to London, allowing me a day to head down to Chartwell to visit Chruchill’s home before we flew out…but that changed with the inviatation to come back to Zurich for a few days. So then I figured flying out of Rome would be my no brainer…I could have gone out from Milan but I would miss sharing Florence and my friends there with him as well as the sensory overload of Rome…everyone in their lifetime, if possible, needs to visit Rome…for all sorts of reasons!
        I hope he survives—or better, I hope I survive him in Europe πŸ™‚

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      • Well, it all sounds like a very exciting adventure. I think the two of you will survive nicely….and have lots of wonderful memories to cherish for years to come! Buon Viaggio!


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