Genoa’s Elegant Doria Tursi Palazzo


I love the old innovative and aesthetically pleasing architecture that I so often find in Italy. The colors, balance and breathtaking arches and frescos are a world away from my own and tend to leave me spellbound.

While walking down Via Garibaldi in Genoa recently, a stately street of ancient palatial palaces in the historical center, I came upon the Doria Tursi Palace also known as the Nicholas Grimaldi Palace. Constructed in 1565, it is beautifully adorned with decorations and graceful arches. Originally the residence of the Genoese aristocracy, it is now home to the Municipality of Genoa and also part of the city’s museum complex.

Enjoy some photos of one of Italy’s historical Genoese palaces…


2017-10-23 17.51.12


2017-10-23 17.48.45
A meeting in process


2017-10-23 17.44.47 HDR-2

2017-10-23 17.52.32

Have you been to Genoa? What stately old buildings have you seen and admired? Please feel free to share below. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.




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