Why Is Everyone Talking About Nonna Box?


Ligurian Croxetti pasta smothered in walnut sauce, chunky Bruschetta  made with bell peppers, sundried tomatoes and olives, famous Tuscan Almond Biscotti from Prato…the list goes on. Every Nonna Box I receive in the mail on a monthly basis heightens my love of Italian cuisine.


Nonna Box is a monthly subscription of carefully curated gourmet Italian products that highlight a different region of Italy each month. 

Each box includes 6 imported, authentic Italian products from the month’s featured region. All items are hard to find outside of Italy. A charming local Nonna (grandmother) is featured with each box from the selected region who will share her story and her 3 easy favorite recipes (some of the recipes will use the box’s products).


Inside the box you will also find an envelope of cards that describe regional culinary traditions, a description of the products and their local importance and serving suggestions. As you taste the delicious products, you’ll learn about authentic regional culture and cuisine.

I couldn’t be more thrilled each time Nonna Box is delivered to my home. I’ve discovered products that I’ve only heard of but never tasted before. The inclosed recipes have all been delicious and I love to share them with my family and friends.

Following reviews from Nonna Box ~

“I love the box and I can not wait to start using all of the great stuff inside. I love the [Nonna stories] and all the recipe cards and information.”    Jennifer, New York, NY

“My mother is loving her boxes. Thank you for a great product and great customer service.”  Sarah, Philadelphia, PA



Enjoy Italy one region at a time. Buona Fortuna!

For more information, click  Nonna Box



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