Italy, Always a Good Idea ~ I Return to Bella Italia



“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”  -Anna Akhmatova

Italy is always a good idea. I have often come home from a visit with a feeling of pure saturation. I foolishly think to myself that I have seen all I need to see, that i’ve tasted all I need to taste, smell, touch. But after a month, I am mentally planning my next adventure to bella Italia. There is no getting over it.

So, I will be returning to Italy this late May for three weeks. I am so excited I can hardly sleep. I walk around the house in a state of disorientation. My mind is already miles away….in the land I love so passionately.

This trip will begin in Venice, where I will meet with two friends. We will head toward the heel of the boot in Puglia and enjoy a stay in an agriturismo complete with cooking classes, tours to wineries, and exciting day trips. This area of Italy is somewhat new to me so i’m anticipating a lot of new adventures and discoveries that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

After a stay in Matera, the UNESCO site of the ancient cave dwellings, I will end up in Positano where I hope to relax, enjoy the Mediterranean ambience, and write.

I will be posting some photos as I travel so be sure to stay tuned. E ‘il mio grande piacere di portare a voi i migliori d’Italia! (It is my great pleasure to bring to you the best of Italy.)


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