I’m Going Back …..to Italia!


I am excited to announce my return to Italy in less than one week. I go with great expectations and a huge itinerary of new discoveries to make. There are so many more layers to experience and attempt to unravel about Italy that I must explore, to find out what lies around that next corner.

My itinerary has changed a thousand times since I first started planning my trip over the past year. There is so much I want to see and do yet. After much head scratching, this is what I have narrowed my three weeks down to…..(hard work)!!

After three days in Rome, I will head down to Naples and the wineries of Mastroberardino, where the original grapes of ancient Pompeii are being cultivated and once again made into the wine of the Roman emperors. My journey then takes me down to the UNESCO world heritage site of Matera in Basilicata. From there I will travel up to the Gargano Promontory, continue north along the Adriatic coastline and over to an agriturismo just outside of Florence. It is here I will tour the new Antinori Cantina and taste some of their exquisite Chianti and Super Tuscan wines, hopefully on horseback! 

Along the way I will keep you posted with new photos and updates as often as possible. In a sense, I am taking all of you with me! I can’t wait to share the many dimensions of Italy that I have grown to love so much. Stay tuned….much more to come!

Tutto il mio meglio (All my best)


4 thoughts on “I’m Going Back …..to Italia!

  • Susan: A most hearty “Buon Viaggio” to you! Sounds like a wonderful itinerary.
    Just a “wee bit” of a suggestion, as the Scots say: when you’re in Firenze, try to
    get away for an afternoon and visit Fiesole (fee-eh’-soul-lay…accent on “eh”)
    It is barely a 15 minute bus ride roughly north of Firenze, with dramatic overlooks of
    the city, the Duomo, etc. Fiesole is high up on a hill, and is always breezy and cooler
    than Firenze, which always “bakes” deep in the Arno valley. Fiesole has a wonderful piazza with charming restaurants, a perfectly preserved amfiteatro and neat little
    Etruscan museum. I think you’ll like it.
    ALSO: in Firenze itself, check out the art in the church “Santissima Annunziata” and the charming Piazza Annunziata! The oldest pharmacy–farmacia–in Italy is right off this Piazza, named (not surprisingly) the Farmacia Annunziata–going back to the early 1500s!
    -Albert Annunziata


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